Reporting Procedure: 
All Crime Stoppers tips are handled anonymously, whether taken via phone, web, or mobile app.

Tips That Impact Schools:
If a tip concerns a school, then the tip is immediately shared by Crime Stoppers with law enforcement and that school.  If the school has a School Resource Officer (SRO), that officer will be notified in a timely manner and a decision on whether additional police intervention is needed will be determined at that time. The SRO will inform school administrators when a tip is received.  If a school does not have an SRO then the school administrators will be informed by police.

Publicity about the Program:
Crime Stoppers asks that the schools inform their students and parents of this program by utilizing school announcements, assemblies, individual classroom presentations, PTSA or other parent groups and the media.  The Champaign County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors will provide posters, brochures, and guest speakers for the schools explaining how Crime Stoppers works.  We encourage each school to consider having one of the student organizations that has adult supervision (example:  student council) take the leadership in the implementation of this program in their school. 

To learn more, contact a Crime Stoppers Board member or email